Monday, August 23, 2010

Post Office Loses Tabloid Witch Submission

Last week, the post office put a notice in the Tabloid Witch's Santa Monica P.O. Box, saying that a registered parcel had arrived. It required a signature to pick up.

But when I presented the notice to a postal clerk on Friday, August 20, she couldn't find the parcel. She told me the post office would keep searching, and phone me if and when they found it.

It's now Monday night, August 23, and I've not yet received a phone call.

If you recently sent a DVD to the Tabloid Witch Awards by registered mail, the post office may have lost it. I don't know if they'll find it, but you may want to resend it, just in case.

The postal slip says the Sender's Name is: FGN.

================== UPDATE =======================

On Wednesday, August 25, though I'd received no phone call, I went to the post office. Good news. They found the film submission!

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