Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Biting Pig Films to Screen on TV's Macabre Theatre

The Tabloid Witch has long been a fan of Kentucky's Big Biting Pig Productions. Their Hell Is Full won a Best Feature Screenplay Tabloid Witch in 2010, and The Creepy Doll won an Honorable Mention in 2011.

Now Steve Hudgins informs us that Big Biting Pig "came to an agreement with a nationally syndicated show called Macabre Theatre, which is kind of along the lines of the Elvira show. So our movies will be getting seen by a wider audience in the near future. We also just wrapped shooting on our latest movie called Spirit Stalkers".

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jose C. Gomez's New Horror Feature Film: Plastic

Filmmaker Jose C. Gomez won an Honorable Mention Tabloid Witch Award in 2009 for his zombie feature film, Bled White.

Gomez now returns with another horror feature film, Plastic. This time the focus is on a serial killer rather than on zombies, but Plastic has Bled White's same dark sensibility.

Plastic also features many of the players from Bled White, including Colleen Boag, who won a Best Supporting Actress Tabloid Witch Award in 2009 for her work in Bled White.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Alex Bram to Direct Three New Horror Films

Filmmaker Alex Bram won a Best Dramatic Horror Short Film Tabloid Witch Award in 2009 for Body of Work.

Since then, Bram has continued to find new successes. He now announces that he has three upcoming horror film projects, all of which he co-wrote and plans to direct. One of them he co-wrote with Jeffrey Reddick, who was co-writer of the original Final Destination.

Bram is also founder and director of the Carnival of Darkness horror short film festival.

He is one of many horror film festival directors who work, or aspire to work, in the entertainment industry.

Details on Bram's current horror film projects may be found at Panic Attack Films.