Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peter Podgursky Serves as a Viscera Panelist

Peter Podgursky won a Best Comedic Short Horror Film Tabloid Witch Award in 2008 for his student project, Cheerbleeders. He recently finished another short (with Donna Thorland), The Night Caller, which screened at the Viscera Film Festival on July 7, 2012.

Podgursky also served as a panelist at the Viscera festival, along with filmmakers Tara Nicole Azarian, Jen Thym, and Rebekah McKendry. The panel was moderated by Viscera co-founder Heidi Honeycutt.

The Viscera Film Festival is dedicated to screening horror films directed by women. (Or in the case of The Night Caller, co-directed by a woman).

It's nice to see that, since winning his 2008 Tabloid Witch, Podgursky has continued to succeed with other films projects!

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