Friday, November 16, 2012

Patrick Clement's small town: a pictorial look at 1940's rural America

Patrick Clement won an Honorable Mention Tabloid Witch in 2009 for The Eternal Pitfall of Prokofiev. He now sends news about his fundraising efforts for his new book. Clement writes:

"I am currently crowd funding my photo book project, small town: a pictorial look at 1940's rural America.

"This 80-page hardcover archival-quality photo book tells intimate stories of a southwestern Kansas ghost town through a collection of thought-to-be-lost family snapshots.

"In collaboration with the Kiowa County Historical Society and Museum, The Big Well Museum and The Kiowa County Signal Newspaper we will produce this limited edition, museum quality coffee table book just in time for the Holidays.

"While the people and places in the book are primarily from a small southwestern Kansas ghost town known as 'The Crescent Community,' they reflect the modest small town family lives of Americans during the Great Depression.

"We have pre-sold 100 copies to our local museums and we have create a crowd funding campaign through Kickstarter to raise the remaining funds needed to print the book.

"Kickstarter is the world's most prestigious crowd funding platform. It has been featured on news channels like Fox, CNN, ABC and NBC. It is a website that connects passionate, creative inventors and artists with supporters from all over the country.

"To date supporters have pledged more than $400 million to support their favorite projects.

"What is unique about Kickstarter is that projects MUST reach their goal to be funded. If projects do not reach their goal, they receive $0 and supporters are not charged. It is all-or-nothing. We have set a goal of $732. This will fund our remaining printing costs. For your pledge you can receive a selection of rewards including signed and hand-numbered books, original photos, limited edition prints, posters and more.

"If we reach our goal, not only will we fund the printing of our books, we will also donate a percentage of profits to local charities in Kiowa County, Kansas.

"Faye Hargadine, whose collection we are publishing, will donate 15% to a charity of her choice and I will donate 15% to a charity of my choice. I have chosen the Kiowa County Senior Center, an organization that provides meals, activities and legal and health services to Kiowa County seniors.

"The Kiowa County Senior Center just finished construction on their new building. The center was amongst the many buildings destroyed by the May 2007 EF5 tornado that hit Greensburg. The county seat of Kiowa County, Greensburg has been rebuilding after nearly 95% of the town was destroyed.

"The town, at the center of the county, has gained international acclaim for their sustainable and environmentally conscious building practices. I am proud to call Greensburg my home.

"I want to thank you in advance for helping me archive and protect this small, but significant sliver of Americana."

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