Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet Home Films Fund-Raising for Incendiary

Composer Michael Daniel won a Tabloid Witch Award for Best Music Soundtrack in 2012 for his score for the Sweet Home Films production, Blood Rush.

Now Sweet Home Films is raising money for their next feature film, Incendiary, to be directed (once again) by Evan Marlowe.

Producer Kerry Marlowe says they "have an Indiegogo campaign to offset a portion of the funding." She describes Incendiary as "a horror comedy where one director's need to complete his movie drives him through all sorts of crazy horrific events."

Check out Incendiary's promo:


Incendiary will be Evan's third feature film. His second film is Horror House, which, according to Kerry, "will be released through Maxim Media and out on VOD on the 1st October."

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