Friday, September 30, 2011

Damon Packard Directs Revisting The Vistor

Underground filmmaker Damon Packard won a Best Avant-Garde Horror Short Film Tabloid Witch Award in 2008, for his Chemtrails: An Investigative Report.

Fans of Packard's other works also know that he often "borrows" the theme song from the 1979 Italian horror film, The Visitor. Packard's a big fan of that mondo-bizarro film.

His musical tastes seem to have caught someone's attention, because Packard has since directed (and edited) a short documentary on "the making of" The Visitor, entitled "Revisiting the Visitor. It's available on the newly restored DVD edition, which, despite what it says on Amazon, is a WIDESCREEN version! Plus it includes additional footage never before seen in the United States.

You can also view Packard's "Revisiting the Visitor" on YouTube (above).

Yes, the documentary opens with that awesomely bombastic score that Visitor fans have come to know and love.

As musical scores go, it's an unconventional choice for a film about demons and Armageddon, but then, The Visitor is an unconventional film.

And Packard is one unconventional filmmaker.

Congrats to Damon Packard on his continuing success!

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