Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mike Flanagan's Absentia Wins at Shriekfest 2011

In 2006 Mike Flanagan won a Best Horror Short Film Tabloid Witch Award (among other festivals' awards) for Oculus.

This year, it's Flanagan's horror feature film, Absentia, that's sweeping the festival awards.

On September 20th, Absentia, won several Tabloid Witch Awards, including Best Horror Feature Film. And on October 2nd, Absentia won for Best Horror Feature Film at Shriekfest.

Check out Mike Flanagan (center), with Absentia actress Courtney Bell and producer Joe Wicker, sharing in his victory. That's a Shriekfest Tombstone trophy in Flanagan's hand.

Congrats to an Energizer Bunny of a filmmaker, whose works keep on winning, and winning, and winning...

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