Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jose C. Gomez Raising Money for Strawberry Summer

Jose C. Gomez won an Honorable Mention Tabloid Witch Award in 2009 for his zombie feature, Bled White. In 2011 he released another horror feature, Plastic.

Now Gomez is now raising money for a new (non-horror) film -- Strawberry Summer.

In describing Strawberry Summer, Gomez says: "Fay is a quiet, introverted teenager. New in town, Fay has yet to make many friends. Fay tries to navigate through the divergent worlds of her disciplinarian, devout parents and the unrestricted lives of her peers, but feels alienated by both. When her parents' marriage begins to fall apart, Fay's feelings of isolation are heightened. She just wants a friend. Someone to listen, someone to love. Then Summer comes along, and nothing will ever be the same.

If you'd like to donate or invest in Strawberry Summer, you can find the details at

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