Saturday, May 19, 2012

Steve Hudgins's Spirit Stalkers to Premiere June 16th

Steve Hudgins's first feature film submission to the Tabloid Witch Awards was The 3rd Floor. It was a rough production, yet it had a certain ... quality. It didn't win any Tabloid Witches, but it stuck in our memory. The film had passion and entertainment value, more so than most films we pass on. We liked it enough to give it a special screening at the 2009 Tabloid Witch Awards, two years after its submission. (Three other non-winning films also screened that year.)

In 2010, Hudgins's 5th entry -- Hell Is Full -- finally took home a Tabloid Witch (for Best Feature Film Screenplay). This made Steve very happy.

In 2011, Hudgins's 6th entry -- The Creepy Doll -- took home an Honorable Mention Tabloid Witch. The award went to the film's writer/director, PJ Woodside, Hudgins's creative partner at their Big Biting Pig Productions. Hudgins co-produced and acted in Woodside's film.

Now Hudgins's latest collaboration with Woodside, Spirit Stalkers, is set to premiere on June 16th, in Madisonville, Kentucky.

Hudgins says that Spirit Stalkers is "a mix between the modern popularity of paranormal investigative shows and the classic ghost stories that so many of us grew up with."

Details about the screening at the Spirit Stalkers webpage.

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